Month: May 2010

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 released

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 are now available for download. Maps 0.6 requires Validator 0.3, which is included in the release distribution, and can also be found on SVN. Semantic Maps 0.6 requires Maps 0.6, Validator 0.3 and… Read More

Art of Defence SE4: legacy release

As I did recently with several of my old software projects, I decided to wrap up a legacy release for my all time favourite Art of Defence map for C&C Generals, after I played the latest release once… Read More

Supreme Commander: Strategic Warfare 3

Two days back I did the effort of recording a replay (download) of a Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game I did a little over a month back. Like my 2 previous similar video’s, it’s filmed from an overview… Read More

SETI@Home – over 9000?

Never guess how many credits I got on SETI@Home. Syrysly, it’s over 9000! Meanwhile I passed the 20k line with Milkyway@home and am going to soon with Einstein@home. Don’t know what this is all about? Check out the… Read More

Hackerspace Brussels and 0x20 member

I decided to finally become a paying member of two of Belgium’s three hackerspaces, which are Hackerspace Brussels, and Whitespace or 0x20, in Gent. From Wikipedia [citation needed]: A hackerspace or hackspace (from Hacker and Space, also referred… Read More

Geographical coordinates semantic datatype

One of the big changes in the upcoming 0.6 release of Semantic Maps will be the from the ground up rewritten semantic datatype for Geographical coordinates. Although the changes themselves do not directly add any value for the… Read More

BN+ Converter Pro 1.1.0 released

Two months back I dug up the project files of BN+ Converter Pro, a .Net application I created when I was in secondary school, and did some high level refactoring to optimize it for .Net 4.0 and version… Read More