Month: February 2010

HowTo: Go to a movie in Sint Niklaas for free

Two weekends back, me and two friends went to the cinema in Sint Niklaas, a city in East Flanders, Belgium. Some lol’ed stuff happened though: As usual, we bought our tickets at one of the ticket machines at… Read More

Passed the 10k line on BOINC

Since last week I have 1 BOINC project with over 10k credits – yay. This project is Einstein@Home, which is a distributed computing project hosted by the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and running on the BOINC software platform. It… Read More

Wikimedia Storyboard

I’ve been working on the Wikimedia Storyboard extension for a week now, and like to provide the people who are interested in it with some more details about what the project goal is exactly, and what my current… Read More

BN+ Brute Force Hash Attacker 1.2.0 released

A few days back I decided I should release an update including a new update platform to some of my old applications. Apparently I had deleted the source of my little class library that I used for these… Read More

Working for Wikimedia Foundation

As of today I’m working for the Wikimedia Foundation as developer. I have a 3 month contract, after which I’ll participate in GSoC 2010, and do a project for … well… Wikimedia Foundation 🙂 (I’ll post more about… Read More


I’ve been so fortunate enough to be able to attend FOSDEM 2010, which stands for Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting, and is the biggest yearly open source event in the world, again this year. It took… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.3 released

Today I released Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.3. Both releases mainly include bug-fixes, some of which quite important: Fixed JavaScript bug causing all OSM maps to fail. Pretty important yeah 🙂 Fixed issue causing a fatal error when… Read More