Month: December 2009

A deconstruction of object orientated time

I just finished watching the recording of a keynote at the JVM Languages Summit 2009 titled “Are we there yet? A deconstruction of object orientated time“, which I think is one of the most interesting presentations about programming… Read More

Validator 0.2 released

Today I released Validator version 0.2, on which I’ve been working the last 2 days. It features massive rewriting to make it more flexible, and has some added functionality. Let’s have a look at what changed. The most… Read More

.Net Download Library: the first results

Over the last few days, I’ve done some work on .Net download library, the successor to my FileDownloader class. I started working on this project about half a year ago, and had quite some difficulties picking up the… Read More

19th birthday party – airhocky win

Yesterday I help a small party for my 19th birthday with some friends at the local bowling. We did one found of bowling, where I managed to get the score nearest to 42 (I know, I fail at… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5 released

Earlier today, versions 0.5 of Maps and Semantic Maps where released. Some mayor new features where added, and a whole bunch of things have been refactored. I also did some effort to improve the documentation by adding some… Read More

New Maps screencast

I’ve created a new Maps screencast that covers the use of the display_point parser function of Maps as it works in version 0.5. I’m assuming you have seen the display_map screencast before you watch this one, although the… Read More

#50 MediaWiki committer

Yay – I just entered the top 50 of MediaWiki committers, based on commit count over the last 5 years :p Next stop: #42 🙂

You will be validated. Resistance is futile.

It has been over a week since I posted about any MediaWiki stuff, which can very well be a record since I started my blog. The reason for this is cause I’ve been busy with a lot of… Read More

How to get noticed at a Microsoft event

Last week I went to a VISUG and MSDN event in Brussels where Scott Guthrie held 3 talks about VS2010, Silverlight 4, asp.Net and MVC. The event was very interesting, but I’m not going to dwell on the… Read More

Quantum Bukkit app

Yesterday I spend about an hour creating the most useless application I’ve ever come up with. The main motivation for this was proving to a friend that solving a certain problem can be achieved with an algorithm containing… Read More