Month: May 2011

New MediaWiki extension: Spark

Yesterday I quickly wrote up a simple (but awesome) MediaWiki extension that allows you to make use of the Spark library in your wiki. Spark as described on the Spark website: The web is not only growing in… Read More

New MediaWiki extension: Ratings

A few weeks back I started work on a new MediaWiki extension to provide decent rating functionality. The reason: I got sick of all the crappy rating extensions out there and decided to write one that both works… Read More

Some fun with Python

Yesterday I for some reason decided to have some fun with Python by writing a simple script to Find Dead Translation keys in MediaWiki extensions. The resulting script, titled FDT, can be found on GitHub, and is licenced… Read More

Pamela for Android

A few days back I created my second ever Android application, basically a re-do of the first one that was titled “Pamela for Android“, now with the name “PAMELA Widget“. It has the same function: display a list… Read More