Month: December 2013

PHP Framework Interoperability Group

Those who have worked with me in recent history know that I’m rather passionate about reuse and interoperability. Holding that in mind it should not come as a surprise that I’m very happy to announce Wikidata and Semantic… Read More

Funding for MediaWiki Markdown extension

There currently appears to be no really solid markdown extension for MediaWiki. I have some ideas for one, which are outlined in this blog post. Markdown rendering using a standard PHP markdown rendering library. This means the extension… Read More

Wikibase DataModel released!

I’m happy to announce the 0.6 release of Wikibase DataModel. This is the first real release of this component. DataModel? Wikibase is the software behind At its core, this software is about describing entities. Entities are collections… Read More

DataValues Geo 0.1.1 released

I’m happy to announce the release of DataValues Geo 0.1.1. DataValues Geo is a library containing value objects to represent geographical information, parsers to turn user input into such value objects, and formatters to turn them back into… Read More