Funding for MediaWiki Markdown extension

There currently appears to be no really solid markdown extension for MediaWiki. I have some ideas for one, which are outlined in this blog post.

  • Markdown rendering using a standard PHP markdown rendering library. This means the extension is build on top of solid widely used code that does not need to be maintained separately. It also means all basic markdown syntax and some extended markdown syntax will be supported.
  • Per namespace markdown configuration. Wiki admins will be able to specify that certain namespaces contain markdown rather then wikitext. This will be achieved by closely integrating with MediaWiki via its ContentHandler mechanism introduced in version 1.21.
  • High quality code that is easy to read and extend, and has (virtually) no defects
  • Unit and integration tests for the code that run every time a change is made to it. This ensures maintainability and stability of the extension over time, even if very little effort is put in.

I’m looking for funding to implement this. Something around 400 EUR, exact price and features negotiable. If you are interested, please contact me.

1 thought on “Funding for MediaWiki Markdown extension”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to setup a git repo, put everything except actual code into it and get other programmers on board to contribute?

    If you are looking for funding in the >500 range the code seems like the least work to me… Getting the design right would require most of the work and, if you get that right, implementation could as easily be done by several people as by one…

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