Month: January 2010

Skynet released!

Today I released the first public beta of Skynet, which is now at version 0.1.3. Skynet is an implementation of GALib with WPF GUI that solves the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) using Genetic Algorithms (GA). It’s completely open… Read More

New Maps demo’s

Over the last week I’ve done some effort to update the Maps usage examples on my wiki to match the current version of Maps. Since I hadn’t made any real change to them since 0.3, most examples where… Read More

GALib 0.1 released

Yesterday I released GALib version 0.1, a small C# Library that provides the scaffolding for Genetic Algorithm based functionality. It’s completely open source and available under the GNU General Public License. (See other blog posts about GALib) You… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.2 released

It’s been quite a while since the last release, but 0.5.2 is finally here! It’s not a big release, but features quite some fixes and improvements in the area of marker and pop-up layout. You can now specify… Read More

GALib available now!

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been putting time in creating a general purpose Genetic Algorithm (GA) library in C#. It provides the scaffolding for any GA based functionality. Although it’s not fully finished yet, it is now… Read More

Wiki overhaul

I did a thorough overhaul of my wiki. I cleaned out the mess, put in some nice demo data, installed the latest version of Semantic Bundle, upgraded to MediaWiki 1.16alpha, put in a new logo and switched to… Read More

Metal Bunnies – Abandoned

A few friends of me created their very own completely awesome (audio) track. It’s titled “Abandoned”, and my friends named themselves “Metal Bunnies”. ATM there only is an instrumental version, but they are working on lyrics. I’ve done… Read More

GALib with TSP implementation

Over the last week, I’ve been rewriting my Genetic Algorithm (GA) implementation of the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). I’ve rewritten pretty much everything, but the two most notable changes are: 1. I split the code into 2 projects:… Read More

My first genetic algorithm

To practice some AI methods I’ve been reading about, I created a genetic algorithm (GA) implementation to tackle the travelling salesman problem (TSP). I decided to do this in C#, to practice myself in some more advanced aspects… Read More