GALib 0.1 released

Yesterday I released GALib version 0.1, a small C# Library that provides the scaffolding for Genetic Algorithm based functionality. It’s completely open source and available under the GNU General Public License. (See other blog posts about GALib) You can download both the source and compiled .dll from SourceForge.

I’ve done the effort to do some core documentation, in the form of comments in the source code, and an article explaining the usage of the library that I’ve put both on my wiki and on The Code Project.

Since my main motivation for creating this library was exercise, I learned a lot from building it. This is the first C# library I’ve ever written, as well as the first time I’ve done any GA programming (or AI in general). Abstracting the library in a way so that it can be used for GA in general was very interesting, and required me to expanded my knowledge of how to use interfaces and inheritance and use generics in a non-basic way for the first time.

I’m not planning to further develop this lib, although I might when I can re-use it for a future project. I hope to similarly release the first version of DownloadLib, which I’m having some lame multithreading issues with, before halfway through next week, after which I’ll start doing some development on Semantic MediaWiki.


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