Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.2 released

It’s been quite a while since the last release, but 0.5.2 is finally here! It’s not a big release, but features quite some fixes and improvements in the area of marker and pop-up layout.

You can now specify the icon to be used for all markers for both display_point(s) in Maps and result formats in Semantic Maps. A template= and showtitle= parameter have been added to the result formats as well, allowing you to remove the title from a pop-up, and further specifying what should be shown, in which format, by using templates.

On this map you can see that several markers use different icons. This is now easier then in previous versions due to a bug fix.

Maps 0.5.2 displaying a Google Earth map with multiple=

This map is created by Semantic Maps by querieng some demo data on my wiki. The title of the location is hidden by setting showtitle=no, and the template parameter is used to have a nice little text with the queried data in it as pop-up, contents.

Semantic Maps 0.5.2 showing queried data on a Google Maps map.


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