Month: June 2009

Semantic Maps

Yesterday I made some small changes to the Yahoo! & Google Maps services in Maps. They now both have mouse wheel zoom functionality, which is on by default, but can be disabled by passing along the parameter autozoom=off… Read More

Google Earth API & Vista x64 fail

Today I had some fun checking out the Google Earth API. You can do a lot of cool things with it, and it’s relatively easy to integrate with Google Maps. Check out this fun demo integration. I also… Read More

Eye accident

Yesterday, when I was cycling home, from Sint-Niklaas to Hulst, as usual, my left eye got hit by a small piece of flying debry. At first I thought there was a sharp piece of stone in my eye… Read More

Semantic Maps – named parameters & Yahoo! maps

To make it easier for users to create a map in wiki markup, and to keep the syntaxis flexible enough to allow mutliple mapping services, I decided to go for named parameters. This means that instead of {{#foo:1|2|3}},… Read More

Semantic Maps split

Two days ago, me and Yaron decided, after getting the suggestion from Sergey Chernyshev, the author of the Google Geocoder extension, to split the Semantic Maps extension into two parts. The first part will contain all non semantic… Read More

Epic blog fail

Yesterday I was working on my GSoC project and moving a whole bunch of data around (I’ll post more on this later on). I somehow succeeded in deleting my blog’s database. … … … Indeed, that’s just a… Read More

Semantic Maps – Geocoding

I just finished integrating the Google Geocoder function into Semantic Maps. It still needs some tweaking here and there, but the basics are done. All parser functions from Google Geocoder are working, and so is display_address. The main… Read More

Semantic Maps – The first parser function

Today I finally got the first parser function, #display_point, of the Semantic Maps extension working. After having quite some troubles with the basic set-up of the extension, this is the first visible result. Semantic Maps displaying a point… Read More

Yahoo! Maps

Today I finally had time to work on my GSoC project again. I used it to figure out how the Yahoo! Maps API works. It’s quite similar to Google Maps actually (compared to Open Layers) and easy enough… Read More

Exam and GSoC weekend

Even though I’m in the middle of my exam period, I was able to work on my Google Summer of Code project this weekend since tomorrow, Monday, I have exam informatics (theory). I need to get -6.5% somehow… Read More