Exam and GSoC weekend

MediaWikiEven though I’m in the middle of my exam period, I was able to work on my Google Summer of Code project this weekend since tomorrow, Monday, I have exam informatics (theory). I need to get -6.5% somehow to fail for informatics this year – lol.

After I finished to look over Open Layers, Semantic Google Maps, Semantic Forms, Semantic Result Formats and the Google Geocoder extension, and writing the base of the Semantic Maps extension, I finally started on creating a draft for the whole extension, describing what functionality it should have, how this functionality should work and hook into MediaWiki, and what the overall structure should look like. Yaron helped me out with some questions I had about the parser functions for Semantic Maps, and after reading about some more aspects of MediaWiki extensions I now realize I’m not familiar enough about, I’ll start creating the core functionality of Semantic Maps :)

I won’t have time for that tomorrow though, since I’ll have to study for my exam French emo screamz.

Did I mention that last Friday I went to school with a big blinking GSoC sticker on my forehead? :D

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