Month: July 2013

Profiling and logging in MediaWiki

In this post I first describe the current approaches taken to logging and profiling in MediaWiki, then outline why these are problematic, and finish with a few thoughts on how things can be improved. The problems encountered and… Read More

ParserHooks declarative OOP API for MediaWiki released

Yes, there now is a nice OOP API that allows you to create MediaWiki parser hooks in declarative fashion! A few years back, I was sitting in c-base after the 27th Chaos Communication Congress had ended. I decided… Read More

Wikidata search plugins

Today I had some fun creating a Wikidata search plugin for Firefox, and a similar extension for Chrome. The Chrome extension The Chrome extension adds search capabilities in the “omnibox”, which is what the url bar is called… Read More

SMWCon Fall 2013

In a small four months from now, SMWCon Fall 2013, the by-yearly conference on Semantic MediaWiki, will be held! For this iteration the conference is returning to Berlin, where it also took place in Fall 2011. This iteration… Read More

Resolving a merge conflict on gerrit

In this post I describe the solution I use to a common situation for people using gerrit. In other words, pretty much everyone who does MediaWiki development. I got this question on IRC and decided to write the… Read More