Month: November 2013

My adventures with autoloading in PHP

This post has as audience developers and will provide readers with insights on how to cleanly autoload classes in PHP. For a long long time, I’ve been one of those MediaWiki developers that just added classes and file… Read More

Upgrading an extension that now uses Composer

This blog post is aimed at users of the MediaWiki software that have extensions installed, and want to upgrade one or more to a version that makes use of Composer. At present this is of particular relevance for… Read More

Introduction to Composer for MediaWiki developers

This post aims to be a quick start guide for MediaWiki extension developers that want to get their extension to be installable via Composer. If you are not yet familiar with Composer, I recommend you have a look… Read More

DataValues library

Last week I released the first version of the DataValues library. This blog post serves as an introduction to that library, explaining the motivations behind it, and providing a historical context. (Originally posted on November 24, 2013) A… Read More

ParamProcessor 1.0 released

I’m happy to announce the first release of the ParamProcessor library. ParamProcessor is a parameter processing library that provides a way to decoratively define a set of parameters and how they should be processed. It can take such… Read More

Ask 1.0 released!

I’m very happy to announce the first release of the Ask library. The Ask library is a fresh PHP implementation of the Ask query language. This is the query language used by Semantic MediaWiki. At the Wikidata project… Read More

Presentation: The S in STUPID

In about two weeks, I will be giving a presentation about static code at 0×20, the Gent hackerspace. This is a follow up on the Clean Functions presentation I gave there about  a month ago. Like that one,… Read More

Maps moved to GitHub

I just spend some time moving the Maps extension for MediaWiki to GitHub. The reason for this is that it simplifies development workflow and allows for easier integration with services such as Travis CI,, Packagist and Scrutinizer… Read More

New database abstraction layer for MediaWiki

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own, and do not reflect those of Wikmedia Germany or my colleagues. At Wikimedia Germany, we’ve created a library that acts as database abstraction layer and… Read More