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Why Every Single Argument of Dan North is Wrong

Alternative title: Dan North, the Straw Man That Put His Head in His Ass. This blog post is a reply to Dan’s presentation Why Every Element of SOLID is Wrong. It is crammed full with straw man argumentation… Read More

The Liskov Substitution Principle

I have a number of web-based presentations online on the software craftsmanship topic. You can find these on the software craftsmanship page of my website. I’ve just written an abstract for a presentation on the so-called Liskov Substitution… Read More

Presentation: The S in STUPID

In about two weeks, I will be giving a presentation about static code at 0Ă—20, the Gent hackerspace. This is a follow up on the Clean Functions presentation I gave there about  a month ago. Like that one,… Read More

A deconstruction of object orientated time

I just finished watching the recording of a keynote at the JVM Languages Summit 2009 titled “Are we there yet? A deconstruction of object orientated time“, which I think is one of the most interesting presentations about programming… Read More