A deconstruction of object orientated time

I just finished watching the recording of a keynote at the JVM Languages Summit 2009 titled “Are we there yet? A deconstruction of object orientated time“, which I think is one of the most interesting presentations about programming languages, and what they could be doing better, lately.

“In his keynote at JVM Languages Summit 2009, Rich Hickey advocated for the reexamination of basic principles like state, identity, value, time, types, genericity, complexity, as they are used by OOP today, to be able to create the new constructs and languages to deal with the massive parallelism and concurrency of the future.”

Part of a slide from "Are we there yet? A deconstruction of object orientated time"

This recording is 70 minutes long, which includes about 8 minutes of questions, but if you’re interested in programming and design patterns, you should not miss this 🙂

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