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Semantic MediaWiki now has a YouTube channel!

For many years, the talks at SMWCon, the biyearly Semantic MediaWiki conference, have been recorded. These recordings have ended up at various locations, though are always linked from the conference program pages on the wiki. Perhaps long overdue,… Read More

Component design

This week I gave a presentation titled “Component design: Getting cohesion and coupling right” at Wikimedia Deutschland. Components are a level of organization, in between classes and layers. They are an important mechanism in avoiding monolithic designs and… Read More

Presentation: The S in STUPID

In about two weeks, I will be giving a presentation about static code at 0×20, the Gent hackerspace. This is a follow up on the Clean Functions presentation I gave there about  a month ago. Like that one,… Read More

Clean functions

Last week I gave a presentation titled “Clean functions” to my Wikidata colleagues. As the title suggests, this presentation is all about how to create clean functions that are easy to understand and modify. Why did I go… Read More

A deconstruction of object orientated time

I just finished watching the recording of a keynote at the JVM Languages Summit 2009 titled “Are we there yet? A deconstruction of object orientated time“, which I think is one of the most interesting presentations about programming… Read More