Why Every Single Argument of Dan North is Wrong

Alternative title: Dan North, the Straw Man That Put His Head in His Ass. This blog post is a reply to Dan’s presentation Why Every Element of SOLID is Wrong. It is crammed full with straw man argumentation… Read More

The Liskov Substitution Principle

I have a number of web-based presentations online on the software craftsmanship topic. You can find these on the software craftsmanship page of my website. I’ve just written an abstract for a presentation on the so-called Liskov Substitution… Read More

Presentation: The S in STUPID

In about two weeks, I will be giving a presentation about static code at 0×20, the Gent hackerspace. This is a follow up on the Clean Functions presentation I gave there about  a month ago. Like that one,… Read More

Clean functions

Last week I gave a presentation titled “Clean functions” to my Wikidata colleagues. As the title suggests, this presentation is all about how to create clean functions that are easy to understand and modify. Why did I go… Read More