Tag: Architecture

Generic Entity handling code

In this blog post I outline my thinking on sharing code that deals with different types of Entities in your domain. We’ll cover what Entities are, code reuse strategies, pitfalls such as Shotgun Surgery and Anemic Domain Models… Read More

I T.A.K.E. 2016

Last week I attended the I T.A.K.E. unconference in Bucharest. This unconference is about software development, and has tracks such as code quality, DevOps, craftsmanship, microservices and leadership. In this post I share my overall impressions as well… Read More

Wikibase and Doctrine DBAL

When I started writing this blog post, I realized some introduction to the query components was first due. You can find it in my last blog post: The Wikidata phase3 software components. In this post I described how… Read More

Big Ball of Mud

A while back I somehow stumbled upon a little paper about the Big Ball of Mud patten. This was an interesting and amusing read. In this blog post I’m adding some additional thoughts from my side, on things… Read More

Clean functions

Last week I gave a presentation titled “Clean functions” to my Wikidata colleagues. As the title suggests, this presentation is all about how to create clean functions that are easy to understand and modify. Why did I go… Read More