Month: September 2009

Remix 2009 – Iz seen teh lihgt

Remix is a Microsoft event I attended yesterday that focuses on what’s coming next on the web. I arrived half an hour late due to some problems with the public transportation, but still was able to see the… Read More

Hackerspace Brussels

Yesterday the Dutch GSoC student meeting took place at Hackerspace Brussels (which appears to be the first, and currently only hackerspace in Belgium). Unfortunately 1/3rd of the attendees forgot to come, resulting in only 2 people being present…. Read More

New laptop: Acer Timeline 3810T

Two days ago my new laptop arrived (woot!). I got an Acer (Aspire) Timeline 3810T. The main characteristics of this laptop are that it has 8 hours (that’s right: 8h) of battery power, and that’s it very light… Read More

Class TypeHashTable

While working on the Download class of the .Net Download Library yesterday, I came across the need to add and retrieve items from a HashTable of a fixed type. After asking at MSDN forums, someone suggested creating for… Read More

First true multithreading event

Today I was able to do some work on the .Net Download library project. I mainly focused on the cross thread event handling, on which I’ve been busy for quite a while now. Thanks to some helpful docs… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.3.4 released

Today a new version of Maps and Semantic Maps where released. This version, 0.3.4, mainly focused on the internal structure of the extensions, performance issues and bug fixes. Some small new features have been added though. Bug fixes… Read More

Presentation: Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki

Sunday, 11th of October, I’ll be giving a presentation about Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki. This comes down to presenting the two mapping extensions for the MediaWiki platform I developed, Maps and Semantic Maps. The presentation language will be… Read More

Dutch GSoC student meeting

Me and two fellow Google Summer of Code students, one from the Netherlands, and one from Belgium, have decided to hold a meeting in Brussels. This will be a great opportunity to discuss each others work, and future… Read More

Maps, soon to be on wikipedia?

Me and Yaron, my former Google Summer of Code mentor, agreed that Maps would be a good choice as mapping extension on the wikimedia wiki’s, like Wikipedia and There are various reasons why we think Maps is… Read More

Event-based Asynchronous Pattern

While working on .Net download library, I realized I still didn’t know how to fire events from the background threads onto the main thread (meaning the thread that started the download by calling Start). I posted query on… Read More