Dutch GSoC student meeting

Me and two fellow Google Summer of Code students, one from the Netherlands, and one from Belgium, have decided to hold a meeting in Brussels. This will be a great opportunity to discuss each others work, and future plans.

There are over 10 other Dutch speaking GSoC students we haven’t heard of, they are of course also welcome. I’d also like to invite people who are interested in GSoC. This includes people who are simply curious and want to know what it is, but also those who are considering to participate as either student or mentor in a future GSoC. Note that non Ducth people are also welcome! Feel free to send me an email, or one on the GSoC student list, if you are interested, or simply comment on this blog post.

The meeting will take place September 29th, at 19:30, in Hacker Space Brussels (HSB). HSB is located at PRINSES ELISABETHLAAN 46, 1030 Schaarbeek, Brussels.

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