Presentation: Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki

Sunday, 11th of October, I’ll be giving a presentation about Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki. This comes down to presenting the two mapping extensions for the MediaWiki platform I developed, Maps and Semantic Maps. The presentation language will be English, but Dutch questions are acceptable.

Presentation contents

  • Introduction to the wiki concept and MediaWiki
  • Introduction to the semantic web and Semantic MediaWiki
  • Why mapping is useful
  • Introduction to Maps
  • Usage of Maps
  • Introduction to Semantic Maps
  • Usage of Semantic Maps
  • Future development
  • Questions

As you can see, the presentation will focus on the usage of the extensions, and not the technical aspects involved. Therefore no extensive knowledge about any of the involved technologies is required.

Where and when

The presentation will take place October 11th, in the afternoon. The exact moment is not yet determined, although the presentation will probably start around 14:00 and last for about an hour. It will be held at a presentation room at Zebrastraat, 9000 Gent, Belgium. The accommodations are provided and paid for by Alain Liedts.

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Targeted public

This presentation is most interesting for everyone active in the areas of mapping, semantics and wiki’s, but also for those involved with any form of software development, site administration or web publishing.


If you are interested in attending, you must contact me in advance to ensure there is enough room. There is no entrance fee. See this article for more info.

Future presentations

In November, I’m likely to give another presentation about Maps and Semantic Maps at Semantic MediaWiki Camp 2009. SMWC is a 2 day user meeting by and for the SMW that will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany on November, 7th – 8th 2009. This talk will probably be shorter, since the introductions to MW and SMW will not be required, and the attendees will be better informed about the relevant systems.

I’m also likely to give another presentation in early 2010, again at the Zebrastraat. This presentation will be part of a regular event held every Thursday, and will be publicly announced by the organization running the event. This is still far ahead, and no precise date has been chosen yet, so I’ll post more about this later on.

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