Tag: Software Craftsmanship

Guidelines for New Software Projects

In this blog post I share the Guidelines for New Software Projects that we use at Wikimedia Deutschland. I wrote down these guidelines recently after a third-party that was contracted by Wikimedia Deutschland delivered software that was problematic… Read More

Simple is not easy

Simplicity is possibly the single most important thing on the technical side of software development. It is crucial to keep development costs down and external quality high. This blog post is about why simplicity is not the same… Read More

PHP Unconference Europe 2016

Last week I attended the 2016 edition of the PHP Unconference Europe, taking place in Palma De Mallorca. This post contains my notes from various conference sessions. Be warned, some of them are quite rough. Overall impression Before… Read More

Is Pair Programming worth it?

Every now and then I get asked how to convince ones team members that Pair Programming is worthwhile. Often the person asking, or people I did pair programming with, while obviously enthusiastic about the practice, and willing to… Read More

I T.A.K.E. 2016

Last week I attended the I T.A.K.E. unconference in Bucharest. This unconference is about software development, and has tracks such as code quality, DevOps, craftsmanship, microservices and leadership. In this post I share my overall impressions as well… Read More

Missing in PHP7

I’ve decided to start a series of short blog posts on how PHP gets in the way of creating of well designed applications, with a focus on missing features. The language flamewar PHP is one of those languages that… Read More

Only smart people can learn to code

I’ve just read the interesting blog post Learn To Code, It’s Harder Than You Think. This post outlines two mistakes the author thinks are made in the general thinking on where the difficulties lie in making more people… Read More

SoCraTes UK 2015

Last week I attended SoCraTes UK 2015, the UK edition of the International Software Craftsmanship and Testing Gathering. This blog post gives a short introduction to the conference, and holds a readable version of my notes from various… Read More

Big Ball of Mud

A while back I somehow stumbled upon a little paper about the Big Ball of Mud patten. This was an interesting and amusing read. In this blog post I’m adding some additional thoughts from my side, on things… Read More

Presentation: The S in STUPID

In about two weeks, I will be giving a presentation about static code at 0×20, the Gent hackerspace. This is a follow up on the Clean Functions presentation I gave there about  a month ago. Like that one,… Read More