Month: August 2010

Hackerspace wikis

Today I finished work on an initial version of a script I created to be able to update the Belgian Hackerspace wiki’s from my development environment. It took me quite a while to create this, as it’s my… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6.6 released

Just under a month after the 0.6.5 release of both mapping extensions, the next minor update, 0.6.6, is available for download. No spectacular new features, but several important bugfixes. Several issues with coordinate parsing have been fixed, you… Read More

End of Google Summer of Code 2010

As Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2010 has ended, I’m writing this blog post to outline what I’ve done during the coding period and what the results are. Thanks go to the Wikimedia Foundation and Google for providing… Read More

Special:Extensions taking form

Just a few quick screenshots of Special:Extensions, on which I’ve been working today. The first screenshot shows Special:Extensions page displaying a list of all the extensions I have installed on my local wiki: As you can see, you… Read More

BOINC projects now over 30k credits

As I wrote a post when I reached 10k credits for the BOINC projects I’m following, and another one for the 20k threshold, here is a third one, as I now passed 30k 🙂 SETI@Home is far behind… Read More

Visible awesomeness at last

Since my last blog post about my GSoC project, which aims to bring more awesome deployment capabilities to MediaWiki, I’ve been putting my time into both the Distribution and Deployment extensions. I was pleased to find a bunch… Read More

Distribution extension for MediaWiki

With only 2 days till the suggested Google Summer of Code ‘pencils down’ date, and a week longer until the firm one, I’m using my remaining time to get some basic functionality working for my GSoC project. I’ve… Read More