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Today I finished work on an initial version of a script I created to be able to update the Belgian Hackerspace wiki’s from my development environment. It took me quite a while to create this, as it’s my first bash script, and I had to figure out all the basic syntax stuff. Fixing up bad configuration and differences in set up also took up quite some time. Now I update the codebase of all wiki’s on the server weekly by running a single command, which is totally awesome 🙂 Screenshot of the script running on my laptop:

Bash the wiki script

As you can see, it allows updating a single wiki, or all of them, and the update can consist of everything, MediaWiki core, all extensions or just a single extension.

A week ago I finally created the project form, template and category on the 0x20 wiki, leaving only recurring event support on the immediate wishlist. When that has been taken care off, the semantic datastructures can be copied to a new wiki on hackerspaces.be, which will serve as a general Belgian wiki. Here the datastructures can be refined further and copied to somewhere before actual contents is put in (which allows other wiki’s to be created with it, avoiding a lot of work). This is probably a good chance to get the WikiSpaces project rolling again. After the datastructures have been copied, the wiki can be used to put information that is not specific to a single Belgian hackerspace, such as Pamela, the Mate supply, hacker events, ect. It’d also be the logical place to pull events from the other wiki’s into.

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