Month: October 2009

Aptana Studio and Aptana RadRails

I’ve finally made up my mind about whether I’m going to learn Python or Ruby. I’ve been looking at both for nearly 2 months now, and could not really find a strong reason to use the one or… Read More

Audiosurf: Linkin Park: New Divide

Today I’ve stealthed New Divide, the latest single of Linking Park, on Audiosurf. What makes this so special is that although the song has a pretty low traffic (average block density), is that when you use the as-bankcam… Read More

Maps 0.4: parser function changes

This weekend I’ve started working on the last big todo for the 0.4 release of Maps: adding an OSM optimized OpenLayers service. Since this version will see quite some changes for the use of the parser functions, I’m… Read More

New C&C Generals map

I’ve created a new version of an unique C&C Generals map that introduces the player to a totally new experience in the game. In essence, the map, called [extreme] buggy survival, is a so called ‘AoD map’. AoD… Read More

Arrrrcamp Gent 2009

I’m just back from Arrrrcamp Gent 2009. Arrrr stands for “About Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum”, and is obviously about the programming language Ruby and 2 of it’s most popular web frameworks. This years edition took place right… Read More

Result format aliases for SMW

Today I’ve wrote a small change to Semantic MediaWiki that adds aliasing supports to it’s result formats. I’ve been working (mainly theorizing) on this for quite a while, and came up with some rather complex solutions, that where… Read More

Working on Maps and Semantic Maps 0.4

Since the 0.3.4 release of both Maps and Semantic Maps, I’ve been putting the little free time I have to use by working on the to-do’s for the next release. Originally this would have been 0.3.5, but I’ve… Read More

Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki

Today I held a presentation about my 2 MediaWiki extension, Maps and Semantic Maps, titled Semantic Mapping with MediaWiki at the Zebrastraat in Gent. Although quite a few of the people that registered to attend didn’t show up,… Read More

Google Summer of Code T-shirt

Yay! I finally got my Google Summer of Code T-shirt! With my T-shirt, I also got my GSoC 2009 certificate, which marks the end of any involvement with GSoC for me (see original post). That is, until next… Read More

Audiosurf: Productive Conflict Reamped

A very high traffic (377) song. Although it’s very short, it’s not easy to stealth, and definitely not easy to get (almost) all colours.