New C&C Generals map

I’ve created a new version of an unique C&C Generals map that introduces the player to a totally new experience in the game.

In essence, the map, called [extreme] buggy survival, is a so called ‘AoD map’. AoD stands for ‘Art of Defence’, and is a type of map where you need to hold out against a bot (computer controlled player), that’s specially programmed in most instances. Prior to this map, there where two kind of AoD’s: the ones where you simply need to defend against lot’s of enemy units, and the one where you need to kill waves of units before they reach the end of a road (like my AoD’s SE4 and Lagarto). Extreme buggy survival adds a new sort to this list.

The player is given 12 GLA rocket buggies (fast, long range units), and 4 Jarmen kells (snipers), which he needs to use to defeat 8 or 10 waves of units (depending on the difficulty). If al waves have been destroyed, you win, if you lose all your buggies, you lose. The map supports up to 4 human players, to play as a team. The buggies and Jarmens will be divided amongst the players.

This map was originally created by a good map maker, but IMHO bad scripter. A few months ago I re-did it, and released versions 2, 3 and 4. Version 4 has become quite popular on Generals online, which led me to the creation of this new version.

The underneath vid is a recording of a game on RC1 of version 5. As you can see, the buggies where not yet correctly allocated here.

I’ve not released v5 yet, due to a lack of time, but will do this soon.

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