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Final Rush Pro 5

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of the Final Rush Pro 5 map for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever. During the past few weeks I’ve been reworking version 4 of the map, and have added many new… Read More

Object Orientated Lua code

During the last few weeks I’ve been refactoring some horrible Lua code. This has been a ton of fun so far, and I learned many new things about Lua that I’d like to share. Such Horrible Code The code… Read More

Name All The Things!

I’ve created a new release of the “NameStuff” mod for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, now titled “Name All The Things“. So no, this is not a post where I rant about good variable naming 🙂 The mod automatically… Read More

FAF science: Percivals vs T1 PDs

I’ve decided to start with writing small to the point blog posts on Supreme Commander Forged Alliance whenever I stumble upon a good topic. For those who don’t know it, this is the best Real Time Strategy game… Read More

StarCarft arcade

These are replays of games on some of my favourite StarCarft 2 arcade games. Battleships Hero battle, 3v3 (or [1-3]v[1-3]), ~30 min, ~90 APM Mineralz and the THING Survival (against human player), 7v1ish, ~40min Desert Strike HotS Tug… Read More

Desert Strike HotS: gas rush

Every now and then I play Desert Strike HotS, which is an arcade game on the StarCraft 2 platform. It is a 3v3 tug of war game. You place units on your platform, and they all spawn periodically… Read More

Art of Defence SE4: legacy release

As I did recently with several of my old software projects, I decided to wrap up a legacy release for my all time favourite Art of Defence map for C&C Generals, after I played the latest release once… Read More

Supreme Commander: Strategic Warfare 3

Two days back I did the effort of recording a replay (download) of a Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game I did a little over a month back. Like my 2 previous similar video’s, it’s filmed from an overview… Read More

Metal Bunnies – Abandoned

A few friends of me created their very own completely awesome (audio) track. It’s titled “Abandoned”, and my friends named themselves “Metal Bunnies”. ATM there only is an instrumental version, but they are working on lyrics. I’ve done… Read More

Audiosurf: Breaking Benjamin – Dear Agony

I’ve stealthed all songs of Breaking Benjamins new album Dear Agony on Audiosurf. All runs are done with the Ninja Mono character, and options as-bankcam and as-steep enabled. Have fun watching 🙂