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Art of Defence SE4: legacy release

As I did recently with several of my old software projects, I decided to wrap up a legacy release for my all time favourite Art of Defence map for C&C Generals, after I played the latest release once… Read More

New C&C Generals map

I’ve created a new version of an unique C&C Generals map that introduces the player to a totally new experience in the game. In essence, the map, called [extreme] buggy survival, is a so called ‘AoD map’. AoD… Read More

Ingame Google lol

How to have GOOGLE lol ingame, for dummies:

Chaos Islands

Yesterday I created 2 C&C Generals movies with some film material me and Darklight recorded during a game on Chaos Islands, a C&C Generals map I scripted. I’m really pleased with the results. Each movie is relatively short,… Read More