Chaos Islands

Yesterday I created 2 C&C Generals movies with some film material me and Darklight recorded during a game on Chaos Islands, a C&C Generals map I scripted. I’m really pleased with the results. Each movie is relatively short, one is 2:39, and the other one only 1:17. I’ve created them based on some nice ‘end of the world’ tracks.

The first movie is titled Project Chaos Islands. It features the track form an Earth 2160 trailer. You could see this vid as the successor of Project Armegeddon, a similar movie I made over a year ago.

The second movie is titled Chaos Islands – When earths natural recources run out… It’s based on a track from the intro of a small on-line game. I already used this track in an old vid, The end is near, which uses the same text as this movie, but lacks any real vid material.

A few days ago I also recorded the intro of Chaos Islands, click here to view it. You can download the map together with some other cool maps at my C&C Generals maps repository.

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