Semantic Layers

This weekend the Google Summer of Code 2009 coding period started. I already did quite some reading an looking into the code before, but now fully got into it.

Semantic Layers

As explained in my original GSoC post, the goal of my project is to create a Semantic Maps extension for Semantic MediaWiki. Me and Yaron, my mentor, decided that it was best I first fixed up the Semantic Layers extension, so it would work with the latest version of Semantic MediaWiki. After two days of work I fixed a few dozen small PHP errors that caused warning and notices and largely replaced the decapitated code with the replacements for it (at least, that’s what I think). Since the extension was experimental to begin with, it does not fully work yet, without modifying the extension code itself. This is now second on my to-do-list, after fixing a nasty (and LAME :D ) bug that came out of nowhere after one of my last edits.

I’m really looking forward to starting to work on Semantic Maps itself, cause then I won’t have to bother all the old code, and will be able to build a nice code base from scratch :)

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