Open Layers

While working on Semantic Layers I had to fix up some issues with Open Layers itself, and therefore went to have a closer look at the Open Layers site.

Open Layers

Since I need to have a good understanding of Open Layers for both the Semantic Layers and Semantic Maps extensions, I’ve decided to have a good close look at it. After going through some docs and examples, I’m really excited about how it works, and can’t wait to implement it in Semantic Maps. The current SL version is still using OL 2.5, which I will also change to 2.7 (the latest stable release).

I’ve also made some progress on SL, although a lot of my time has gone to school work. I think I’ve now fixed all except a few small issues in the area of decapricated code, and I’m also bussy at fixing some of the core functionallity.

Apparently the original autrhor of SL really didn’t know the php function array_key_exists($key, $array), cause I’ve replaced at least two dozen isset($array[$key]) :p

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