Month: April 2014

Wikibase DataModel: Entity v2

In a recent blog post I introduced the new Term classes introduced in Wikibase DataModel 0.7.3. It also outlined plans for making some big changes to the Entity class and it’s derivatives. We have now taken the most… Read More

Desert Strike HotS: gas rush

Every now and then I play Desert Strike HotS, which is an arcade game on the StarCraft 2 platform. It is a 3v3 tug of war game. You place units on your platform, and they all spawn periodically… Read More

Wikibase DataModel 0.7.3 released

I am happy to announce the 0.7.3 release of Wikibase DataModel. Wikibase DataModel is the canonical PHP implementation of the Data Model at the heart of the Wikibase software. It is primarily used by the Wikibase MediaWiki extensions,… Read More

Diff 1.0 released!

I’m very happy to announce the 1.0 release of the PHP Diff library. Diff is a small PHP library for representing differences between data structures, computing such differences, and applying them as a patch. For more details see… Read More

Wikidata Code Review 2014

One year ago we had the Qafoo guys come into the Wikimedia Deutschland office to review the software we had written for the Wikidata project. There is a summary of the review as well as a big PDF… Read More