Wikidata Code Review 2014

One year ago we had the Qafoo guys come into the Wikimedia Deutschland office to review the software we had written for the Wikidata project. There is a summary of the review as well as a big PDF with all the details.

This week I presented a follow up review to the Wikidata team. The primary goal of this review was to make changes since the last review visible, and to suggest on how to improve things further. Check out the slides of the review.

The first part of the presentation looks at some simple code metrics for Wikibase.git and how they changed over the last year. After that the main part of the presentation starts. This part looks at individual points from the 2013 review, the progress we made on them, and what can still be done. The end of the presentation looks at how we tackled the action items from the 2013 review, or rather how we did not, and also lists a number of important improvements we did make while not being mentioned in that review.

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