Maps 3.0.1 and Semantic Maps 3.0.3 released

I just released version 3.0.3 of Semantic Maps, and recently released Maps 1.0.1 as well. Both these releases bring some minor fixes and translation updates. You can get the new versions by running “composer update”.

2 thoughts on “Maps 3.0.1 and Semantic Maps 3.0.3 released”

  1. Is there a chance that those extensions also get an update in the Semantic Bundle?

    Installing Maps without composer isn’t easy to be honest. There are still a lot of wikis without shell access and though I have shell access for my wikis, my host does not allow execution of phar, which makes composer unusable.

    1. I’m afraid not. Yaron and I have creative differences on how to proceed with Semantic Bundle, so this might take some time.

      What I like to see happen for people without shell access is to have a page on their wiki on which they can select what they want to install and then just click “go”, as you can with WordPress. And for those who can’t execute phar or don’t want to, a service with similar interface could be created somewhere that spits out tarballs for the selected extensions.

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