Month: May 2009

Open Layers

While working on Semantic Layers I had to fix up some issues with Open Layers itself, and therefore went to have a closer look at the Open Layers site. Since I need to have a good understanding of… Read More

Semantic Layers

This weekend the Google Summer of Code 2009 coding period started. I already did quite some reading an looking into the code before, but now fully got into it. As explained in my original GSoC post, the goal… Read More

Chaos Islands

Yesterday I created 2 C&C Generals movies with some film material me and Darklight recorded during a game on Chaos Islands, a C&C Generals map I scripted. I’m really pleased with the results. Each movie is relatively short,… Read More

BN+ Framework 2.0.3 released

I’ve just released a new version of BN+ framework. It features a variety of new classes since version 2.0.2 plus some bug fixes and stability improvements. Also some classes have been added the the class library or control… Read More

BN+ Converter Pro 1.0.6 released

I finally finished the last details on BN+ Converter Pro after some extensive testing, and released the new 1.0.6 version. BN+ Converter Pro 1.0.6 Like I wrote before, quite some features got postponed to future versions, but still… Read More

Password edit Dialog

While working on version 1.0.6 of BN+ Converter Pro, which is scheduled to be released this weekend, I created a dialogue that allows users to edit their password. It features live validation, user friendly feedback, and optional authentication…. Read More