BN+ Framework 2.0.3 released

I’ve just released a new version of BN+ framework. It features a variety of new classes since version 2.0.2 plus some bug fixes and stability improvements. Also some classes have been added the the class library or control library repositories on BN+ Discussions, and a few of them now have detailed articles on The Code Project. Here you have an outtake from the release notes:

New classes
* BugSubmitter: A dialog that enables user to submit variouse types of bugs with build in validation. Sends it’s info to a webservice.
* PasswordDialog: Password editting dialog with optional authentication and live validation .
* SimpleLoginDialog: A simple login dialog that prompts for a password.
* FileDownloader: A class for downloading files in the background that supports info about their progress, the total progress, cancellation, pausing, and resuming. The downloads will run on a separate thread so you don’t have to worry about multihreading yourself.

Revised classes
* CryptoProvider: Now allows you to pass more advanced settings for AES and offers easier to use methods for RSA, DES and TrippleDES.
* CryptoStr: Has been rewritten to work with the new CryptoProvider and is now easier to use.
* Updater: A bug in the version compare algorithm has been fixed
* BruteForceAttacker: New version included (BN+ Framework 2.0.2 contained an unstable alpha build of this version)

* …

Further development
* The CyrptoProvider class will be rewritten from scratch and be made abstract, and serve as a base for separate DES, TDES, RSA and AES CryptoProviders.
* BruteForceAttacker will be made more modular and work on multiple threads.
* FileDownloader will get support for multiple downloads at the same time and segmented downloads.

I’d also like to thank everyone who helped with this project by providing bug reports, suggestions, contributions, or by simply using it!

If you are interested and consider to use this framework, please review the official topic and framework documentation.

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