Month: August 2009

End of holidays

For me, today is the last day of the summer holiday period ( 🙁 ). School will start at the 21st of September, but I decided to follow some extra courses meant to bridge the knowledge gap between… Read More

Manual: Extending Semantic Maps

I just finished creating the developers manual to extend Semantic Maps. Like the manual for Maps, it targets developers who want to add support for a mapping service to one of the features Maps and Semantic Maps support…. Read More

.Net C# to VB + refactoring

While translating some of the C# code of MyDownloader to VB.Net for the .Net download library, I’ve already come across quite some awkward code. IMHO, the underneath example could go into the code horrors section of The Code… Read More

DownloadManager class

Today I again did some work on my .Net download library project. I added some stuff to the main class, Download, and also created the base of the DownloadManager class. This class will allow you to work with… Read More

.Net download library taking form

Today did quite some work on .Net download library, the successor to my current FileDownloader class. I started off with finishing the protocol provider code (see revision 4), and then went on adding a lot of the still… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.3.3

I’m about to release a new version of Maps and Semantic maps. Since it does not feature any mayor structural changes, it’ll be added to the 0.3.x branch, and so become version 0.3.3. This version features some small,… Read More

Added 14 new Star Wars books to my collection

Like every self respecting geek, I have a collection of science fiction books, mainly Star Wars. Today I found a bunch of Star Wars books in a second hand English book shop in Gent. Surprisingly, quite some of… Read More

Closing Zend and opening Visual Studio

Now the Google Summer of Code coding period has finished, I can divide my attention between multiple projects again. Since I’ve been doing PHP and JavaScript only for over 2 months now, I’m starting off with taking a… Read More

New home page

I just created a new home page for It’s based on (read as ripped off) the layout of my forums, and contains links to the most important sub domains, including this blog, and some external links.

Manual: Extending Maps

Today I finally announced the new releases of my extensions on a few wiki mailing lists. I also gave the Semantic Maps documentation another overhaul, and created a manual on how to extend maps. This manual targets developers… Read More