.Net download library taking form

Today did quite some work on .Net download library, the successor to my current FileDownloader class.

I started off with finishing the protocol provider code (see revision 4), and then went on adding a lot of the still missing stuff to the Download class (see revision 5), which now counts almost 800 lines of code. Most changes I made are pretty much C# to VB.Net translation from MyDownloader, one of the projects I’m basing this library upon. Doing this translating also comes with the challenges of leaving out code that’s not needed (for example a hook system for protocol providers), holding into account all the name changes I’ve made, and at some points revising the logic layout of the code, since I don’t agree with the original design. I also had some great fun with working with SyncLock statements and interfaces.

Although the project is still far from a first release, the basic structure is taking form, and I’m beginning to see where and how future features will need to be added 🙂

1 thought on “.Net download library taking form”

  1. Great to see the progress on this promising lib! :T *thumbs-up*
    I also appreciate the move to VB.net, so i’ll not need to translate it myself.


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