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BN+ Converter Pro 1.1.0 released

Two months back I dug up the project files of BN+ Converter Pro, a .Net application I created when I was in secondary school, and did some high level refactoring to optimize it for .Net 4.0 and version… Read More

MediaWiki all time contributor #25

With my last commit I made yesterday, I entered the top 25 all time MediaWiki contributors. The below screenshot from Ohloh shows and my current commit count 🙂 I estimate It’ll take me just over 2 months to… Read More

Maps and Semantic Maps on Ohloh

I created 2 brand new Ohloh projects for Maps and Semantic Maps. This is really cool since I can now analyse my own commit behaviour for those extensions better, as well as see contributions by other people in… Read More

Diff win

This diff, which I seriously made without realizing how epic it was at first, is definitely worth a blog post.

Clones and ghosts on Ohloh

I noticed something fun on Ohloh, a open source contribution tracking site. I reached 347 commits, which is just as much as Icrocker, which is the original developer of the MediaWiki engine. What should happen in that one… Read More

Closing Zend and opening Visual Studio

Now the Google Summer of Code coding period has finished, I can divide my attention between multiple projects again. Since I’ve been doing PHP and JavaScript only for over 2 months now, I’m starting off with taking a… Read More


I’ve been trying to get the hang of how SVN works, and to be able to commit to the repository on mediawiki.org for a few weeks now, and finally succeeded – YAY! The tools I’m now using are… Read More