Clones and ghosts on Ohloh

I noticed something fun on Ohloh, a open source contribution tracking site. I reached 347 commits, which is just as much as Icrocker, which is the original developer of the MediaWiki engine. What should happen in that one of us is put on spot i, and the other one on spot i+1. Since i = 30, and i+1 = 31 in this case, that would mean someone on page 3, and someone on page 4. Due to a bug in the paging system, one person will be shown on both pages, and the other one will not be shown on the list.

This is the situation as it was yesterday.Page 4:

And page 3:

As you can see, the (evil) original author (of doom) threw me off the list! Today ceiling cat ruled in my favour though. Page 4:

And page 3…

And I entered the top 30!!!!!1!11!! 😀

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