Art of Defence SE4: legacy release

As I did recently with several of my old software projects, I decided to wrap up a legacy release for my all time favourite Art of Defence map for C&C Generals, after I played the latest release once more yesterday. This video shows you the game, which surprisingly me and Darklight won on the most difficult level after both not playing the game for over half a year.

The legacy release is version 1.27, and includes some quick improvements over 1.26.

  • Rewrote readme file and created documentation wiki article.
  • Updated messages and fixed typo’s.
  • Increased second boss HP by 50%.
  • Slightly increased the amount of units for several brutal waves.
  • Decreased the spawn time of jet waves on brutal from 15-30 to 10-20 seconds.
  • Fixed bug in the final wave on brutal that caused part of the units to stay at their spawn points.
  • Added air raid siren sound when a wave of jets is spawned on brutal.

As I’m not playing this game anymore, and think the map editor is way to limited, this is probably the last release of this map by me. Have fun playing it though!


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