Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 released

Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 are now available for download. Maps 0.6 requires Validator 0.3, which is included in the release distribution, and can also be found on SVN. Semantic Maps 0.6 requires Maps 0.6, Validator 0.3 and Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.1 or above. See the download page for full dependency and compatibility tables.

This is a big update, including a lot of new features, bug fixes, security patches, and most of all, internal improvements, making both extensions more modular and extendible (these changes are not covered here, see the relevant change logs for more info). It is also the first release of Semantic Maps that requires you to run the SMW update script, as it requires a new table layout to store coordinates (more info on this).

Let’s have a look at the various new features.

  • Maps now supports real coordinate parsing and formatting, which allows you to input coordinates in any of the supported notations at any point in the extension, and can also request any output to be in the notation of your choice. This means you can now choose what format Semantic MediaWiki shows coordinates in, such as in ask queries. The supported notations are DMS, decimal degrees, decimal minutes and floats. All those can be either directional or non directional. A new parser function has been added that allows you to convert between any of these formats: #coordinates.
  • New geographical functions: #geodistance and #finddestination. You can use the #geodistance parser function to calculate the geographical distance between two points, from and to any of the supported formats. The #finddestination parser function can be used to find a destination given a starting point, an initial bearing and a distance.
  • Related to the new geographical functions is a rewritten distance query in Semantic Maps. It now takes into account performance and is scalable, which the old query was not, by using the new storage structure for coordinates. The notation for distance queries has also changed. Instead of using the like operator and a global distance parameter ( like #ask:[[Property: :~coordinates]]|distance=42 ) you now only have to specify your distance locally in the coordinate criteria itself like #ask:[[Property: :coordinates (42 km)]]. Like you can see you can now also specify a unit, which can be any of the supported ones.
  • Support for various width and height notations. Previously Maps only accepted width and height values is px, forcing you to use maps of fixed sizes. Since most people want to have their complete page width visible even on small screens, this resulted in a lot of people using rather small maps, and so wasting screen space. 0.6 allows you to specify the size in px, ex, em, and most importantly, in %. The syntax is what you’d expect: width=”420px”, width=”420em”, width=”42%”. width=”420″ will default to using px, so is backward compatible. When using the % values, maps will even adapt their size when the screen width or the height of the container they are in is changed after the page has loaded 🙂
  • Not a new feature, but rather one that’s removed: OSM support. The OSM service has been completely removed from Maps and Semantic Maps as it was rather broken and not easy to upgrade to the internal structure of Maps 0.6. I’m planning to add it back later on, rewritten from ground up, in 0.6.1 or 0.6.2 or so. Note that you can still view OSM maps on your wiki using the OpenLayers service, which has build in OSM layers, and also allows you to define your own layers since 0.5.5.
  • And many more 😛

The most notable bugfixes are:

  • Fixed conflict with prototype library that caused compatibility problems with the Halo extension.
  • Added automatic icon image sizing for Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps markers.
  • Various security fixes, mostly preventing XSS attacks.

If no serious bugs are found in this release, a minor update can be expected in a month or so.

View announcement on the mapping wiki.


  • Maps 0.6 [ zip, 7z ]
  • Maps and Semantic Maps 0.6 [ zip, 7z ]

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