Supreme Commander: Strategic Warfare 3

Two days back I did the effort of recording a replay (download) of a Supreme Commander Forged Alliance game I did a little over a month back. Like my 2 previous similar video’s, it’s filmed from an overview altitude, giving you a good strategic perspective on what’s going on. The entire match took a little over an hour, but the replay has been sped up to 20, with some insignificant parts omitted. Since Youtube has a 10 minute limit, I had to split the movie up into 2 parts. Enjoy 🙂

Team 1:

  • 600613,42 (me, blue) UEF
  • Darklight (friend, red) Cybrin

Team 2:

  • Cheating Tech AI (yellow) Seraphim
  • Cheating Tech AI (green) Aeon

Used mods:

  • Experimental Wars 1.96
  • Commanders Revenge 0.42
  • Realistic Nukes 1.4
  • Resource Rich (x2)
  • BLUE’s Naval Unit Pack 4.0

These mods are balanced, and do not make the game easier in any way. You can download them here, or just google them to find the most up to date versions.

Music used:

  • Unbreakable (Sabaton)
  • Back in Control (Sabaton)
  • Coat of Arms (Sabaton)
  • Midway (Sabaton)
  • Nuclear Attack (Sabaton)

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