Google Summer of Code T-shirt

Yay! I finally got my Google Summer of Code T-shirt!

GSoC 2009 T-shirtWith my T-shirt, I also got my GSoC 2009 certificate, which marks the end of any involvement with GSoC for me (see original post). That is, until next year. When I reflect back to what I learned and achieved during GSoC, I’m more then happy with it. I’m planning to do another (awesome) Wikimedia Foundation project next year, if I manage to get accepted again. This (awesome) project will be more focused on changes to MW’s core, and so provide me with an (awesome) opportunity to learn more about the inner working of MW, which I’m currently still unfamiliar with. I’m not going to make my exact plans public yet, cause it’s possible the things I want to improve will already be taken care off, and I don’t want everyone to go rip-off my idea 🙂 I’ve already put my name on the (awesome) participants list for MW, and was FIRST (awesome!) since I created the (awesome) page.

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