Tag: Hackerspace

Pamela for Android

A few days back I created my second ever Android application, basically a re-do of the first one that was titled “Pamela for Android“, now with the name “PAMELA Widget“. It has the same function: display a list… Read More

Hackerspace wikis

Today I finished work on an initial version of a script I created to be able to update the Belgian Hackerspace wiki’s from my development environment. It took me quite a while to create this, as it’s my… Read More

Hackerspace Brussels and 0x20 member

I decided to finally become a paying member of two of Belgium’s three hackerspaces, which are Hackerspace Brussels, and Whitespace or 0x20, in Gent. From Wikipedia [citation needed]: A hackerspace or hackspace (from Hacker and Space, also referred… Read More

Whitespace opening weekend

Whitespace would like to invite you to its opening weekend 19-21 March. When: From Friday 19th of March to Sunday the 21st. Where: Blekerijstraat 75, Gent, Belgium Whitespace (0x20) is the first hackerspace in Ghent and will be… Read More

Hackerspace Brussels

Yesterday the Dutch GSoC student meeting took place at Hackerspace Brussels (which appears to be the first, and currently only hackerspace in Belgium). Unfortunately 1/3rd of the attendees forgot to come, resulting in only 2 people being present…. Read More

Dutch GSoC student meeting

Me and two fellow Google Summer of Code students, one from the Netherlands, and one from Belgium, have decided to hold a meeting in Brussels. This will be a great opportunity to discuss each others work, and future… Read More