Pamela for Android

A few days back I created my second ever Android application, basically a re-do of the first one that was titled “Pamela for Android“, now with the name “PAMELA Widget“. It has the same function: display a list of people at 0x20, the hackerspace in Ghent, or HSB, the space in Brussels,obtained via the PAMELA webservice. More info on PAMELA can be found here.

PAMELA widget showing data for 0x20 PAMELA widget showing data for 0x20

I couldn’t really get the interface in the previous app quite working as I wanted, and then got inspired by the iRail Liveboard app, created by Christophe Versieux, to write a new version, based on the code of the Liveboard app.

You can get the app from the Android market by searching “pamela widget”. You can also get the code, which is GPL3+ licenced, from GitHub.

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