Google Earth API & Vista x64 fail

Today I had some fun checking out the Google Earth API. You can do a lot of cool things with it, and it’s relatively easy to integrate with Google Maps. Check out this fun demo integration.

Google Map with Google Earth map type

I also did some effort to get the hang of KML, which I will need to create Google Earth maps with. The KML Interactive Sampler for Google Earth made this really easy. I’m now going to check out if it’s possible to ‘merge’ Google Maps and Google Earth functionality into one service in Maps. If this is possible, users will just have to add earth=enabled parameter or something like that to their Google Maps wiki code to also enable the Google Earth map type.

FirebugAnyway, that’s for tomorrow when I can use both eyes again. Today I messed around a little on the web and came across some interesting apps I didn’t know yet. I also gave up on fixing my Vista Ultimate x64 on my dual core pc. For some reason the drivers keep craching, although I installed the 64 bit versions. Now I have a dual boot with Win XP Corp x64 sp2 and Win Vista Ultimate sp1, which are both working fine. I don’t get why the x64 Vista won’t work, since my dual core is running a x64 XP, and I used the same installer for the Vista as I did on my quad core pc, which is running it without any problems. So lame there is no protableu3 version of FireFox 3,which would make it unnecessary to install all my plugins (Firebug, WebDev, Dictionaries, …) again after reinstalling my OS. Maybe I’ll just do an attempt to make a windows usb stick after win 7 is released 🙂

Almost forgot: I registered a profile @ netlog (yeah, I made an account on a social networking site (and not social.msdn :D), don’t be schocked!) with the username 600613. WTF @ no one having that one yet xD

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