Semantic Maps

Yesterday I made some small changes to the Yahoo! & Google Maps services in Maps. They now both have mouse wheel zoom functionality, which is on by default, but can be disabled by passing along the parameter autozoom=off in the wiki code. I also added handling for map control types to Yahoo! Maps. By default, the maps will contain both a pan and a zoom control, but by setting the control parameter to zoom or pan, you can get it to only display these, respectively. A last little change I made was in the Google Maps code, where the Google Maps API was called for every map, while it should only be for the first one on the page.

Cause I can’t really find a conclusive answer to if it’s possible to have Google Maps & Google Earth as one service in Maps, I decided to work on the semantic part of my project first: Semantic Maps. I’m currently attempting to get the semantic functionality that Semantic Google Maps has working for both Google and Yahoo! maps, but this is proving to be quite chalanging, even although I’ve got a good example of how it works. Tomorrow I’m going to have another close look at how SMW works, and try to un-confuse myself.

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