Eclipse 3.5 and Netbeans 6.7

Eclipse 3.5: GalileoAfter waiting over half a year and having every single beta and RC version on my Google calender, I still managed to miss the release of Eclipse 3.5, named as usual after a moon of Jupiter, this year being Galileo. (No more misspelling Ganymede!!!) Improvements to Eclipse consist of 33 projects, including Mac Cocoa support, domain-specific language modelling, subversion and updates to Equinox.

Netbeans IDEThis Monday Sun released a new version of Netbeans, 6.7. (booooh! I rly don’t like that IDE.) It’ll be interesting to follow the ‘Eclipse 3.5 vs Netbeans 6.7’ discussions in the coming days, to see which IDE gets the upper hand. I’m quite sure though that Eclipse will like always be the more stable, extendible and snappy one. (Highly prejudicial idea’s ftw!)

Update: I’ve just tried out the new Eclipse, and it’s working really well as far as I can tell. It’s slightly faster I think (although it’s possible I’m imagining this). Before I can do some real testing with one of my Java EE projects, I have to add the Cypal Studios plugin that I need for Google Web Toolkit development again. Don’t have the time ATM though.

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