Semantic Maps split

Two days ago, me and Yaron decided, after getting the suggestion from Sergey Chernyshev, the author of the Google Geocoder extension, to split the Semantic Maps extension into two parts. The first part will contain all non semantic elements, like the parser functions, and geocoding related code, and will be called Maps. The second one will extend Maps with the semantic functionality originally planned for Semantic Maps, and be called Semantic Maps.

The splitting up of the extension will have the ovious advantage that all functionality used in the Maps extension will also be usable in non semantic context.

I’ve transferred all my wiki dev code from to my development usb stick, which contains a mobile server and has Zend Studio on it, which will enable me to work on my GSoC project everywhere, even without having an internet connection and also to use Zend Studio, which is a lot better then just using the notepad like text editor that comes with WinSCP. Other advantages will be that there will be no delay cause no data will have to be shuffled around via ftp, and it’ll be a lor easier for me to take backups.

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